Crop Tops and Hot Pants

Let’s be honest, these are really just trendy styles for teenagers and young women. You’ll see influencers and fashion bloggers effortlessly wear these styles. But be careful! As a mature woman over 50, remember that you can be sexy without revealing too much skin. Crop tops will age you dramatically, and hot pants (which is another term for “short shorts”) will not make you look young and hip.

One of the most liberating things about being a woman over 50 is not caring what others think about me-for me, clothes are not about just looking great with the sole purpose of impressing everybody else. We’re past that! You’ve reached the point where you feel comfortable in your own skin.

In my current years, I want my clothes to support my lifestyle. I want to be able to move freely, be comfortable, and stay active without worrying that my shirt will ride up or my shorts will be revealing if I move around. I’m more excited to have clothes that support me in living a healthy life!

What to wear: T-shirts and shorts are fine-just make sure they cover enough! Your shirts can be form-fitting but not tight. You’ll also look great in Burmuda shorts, where the length rests right at the top of your knees.

7. Too Many Old Fashion Styles

You’ll want to be careful about pairing too many “old-fashioned” items together. For example, you don’t want to wear a tweed skirt, Brogues, and flesh-colored tights in the same outfit. All of those together will bring you back several decades-but not in a cool, vintage way! They’ll simply make you look much older than you’d like.

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While some women want to stay youthful by wearing trends to make them look younger, another group of women abandon style altogether and place themselves in a “grandma” category of fashion. But I have a motto for you:

There is no reason why you have to start perming your hair and following in your mother or grandmother’s footsteps when it comes to fashion over 50. What they wore were fashion trends of their years but it’s not for you! No need to default into Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies.

What to Wear: Pair skirts with stylish boots to instantly add modern class to your style. Tennis shoes could also be a fun, casual option, but make sure the rest of your outfit is truly put-together, so your shoes feel like a stylish accessory rather than an afterthought.

8. Fleece

Fleece zip-up sweaters are one of those quick and easy (and inexpensive) items we love to grab while we run out and get the mail or take the dog for a brisk walk. But what do they really say about you, your style, and your personality? Not much. I also don’t believe these fleece sweaters flatter our bodies at all as we hit 50 and over.

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What to wear: Look for a warm, chunky, slouchy cardigan. You can either go with a style that falls around your hips or a longer one that feels fashionably oversized. I also highly recommend having a smartly-designed “coatigan” that you can wear for any occasion. So many times we save our good items for fancy events, but I believe your every day of your life is a special event. Enjoy your wardrobe and your style! And now with the pandemic and covid affecting gatherings and social events, you’ll enjoy dressing up just for yourself at home.

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