Decorating Your Asian Wedding Cake

For years now the Asian wedding cake has been a staple in traditional Asian weddings. In modern western society the cake normally only remains on display and is served to guests at the big reception. However, there are now many bakeries in the UK that are now creating and selling a full range of amazing and tasty Asian cakes. Some are simply based in London, however the best ones are now creating and selling their cakes across the country. So if you’re looking for the Asian wedding cake that you know will be absolutely amazing, then why not look online?

Beautiful and Exotic Cakes

There are so many beautiful and exotic cakes available. Floral, vibrant and multi-colored, these cakes have an incredibly unique taste that cannot easily be replicated in a cake form anywhere else. With so much variety available and with so many different types of cakes being created, it is no wonder that weddings in the UK are now enjoying a huge rise in popularity. From traditional weddings, to the extremely exotic, these cakes are one of the most special part of any wedding.

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Popular Asian Cakes

Some of the most popular Asian cakes available at the moment are the floral and fruitcake Asian cakes. These are fantastic decorations for weddings and have been a mainstay in the Asian community for a number of years. From the Japanese Koi Fish cake, to the Indian Ganpati Cake and from the Pakistani Shah Jahan Cake to the Thai Orchata Cake and from the Chinese Yixing cake to the South Indian Triangular cake these cakes are spectacular. Each one of them is filled with a variety of fruits and flowers and often adorned with candles and flowers.

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Floral Asian Wedding Cake 

From traditional to modern day, these cakes can be created to suit every budget and need. If you wish to have a floral Asian Wedding Cake then the cost will go up significantly but you will find that it is well worth it to have such an exquisite decoration at your reception or even wedding breakfast. The prices will vary depending on the particular cake toppers chosen but no matter what the choice is, they are some of the most beautifully designed cakes in the world. One of the most famous ones of course is the Indian Orchid Cake photo cake which is absolutely amazing.

Indian Orchids 

The Indian Orchids are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. In fact they are known as the “flowers of love” due to their ability to attract both the husband and wife. The cake topper in the Indian Orchid cake is made up of a combination of pink lotus blossoms and white and red roses. The white rose is placed on top of the cake with a large red bow around the base. This is the perfect decoration if you are looking to have a Romantic Asian Wedding with a unique decoration.

Cambodiaian Kalakan Cake

Another popular cake decoration is the Cambodiaian Kalakan Cake which is made up of multiple layered cakes. The different layers are decorated with different shades of pink and red. The Cambodiaian Kalakan Cake is created by the talented artistic talent of the Downriver Southeast Michigan Cakes and Decorator Company. They have been creating beautiful and intricate cakes for wedding and other special food since 1985. There are many local and international distributors of this delicious Oriental delicacy who will be happy to assist you in finding the right one for your Asian Wedding Cake.

beautiful Japanese Friendship Cake

No Asian wedding celebration is complete without the beautiful Japanese Friendship Cake. The Japanese Friendship Cake is decorated with a combination of red and white ribbons and leaves. It can come in various sizes from mini cakes all the way up to giant size. On the top of the Japanese Friendship Cake are a red ribbon and a heart. At the bottom are two Koi fish, a traditional symbol for love and friendship in Japan.


The Asian inspired cakes and decorating styles can vary widely. Some of the Asian decoration choices include; Chinese dragon cakes, Chinese lion cakes, Japanese themed cupcake cakes, Thai or Indian cakes, mangoes and other fruits are used often and also used as Asian wedding decorations. The Asian decor used on Asian cakes is rich and detailed and the colors used are usually deep reds, gold, oranges, browns, burnt orange and burnt yellows. These colorful decorations make Asian wedding cakes very appealing and inviting to eat. Asian decor makes any wedding cakes more memorable than any other type of cake.

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