Elastic Waistbands

Ladies, I know they’re comfortable, but they will age you instantly. If you absolutely love them and don’t want to give them up, that waistband must be hidden!

You can do this by wearing a longer top or simply tuck the front of your top in and then pull out just enough to cover the band. This is called a French tuck and is a great compromise of wearing your elastic waist pants while adding a touch of style.

What to wear: Another option would be to opt for tie-waist trousers. You’ve probably seen them and wanted to try them yourself! They tend to be a high-waist option, and they’re meant to have a noticeable waistband. Women of all body types could easily pull off this style. You can still achieve amazing comfort and a defined waist without risking an unflattering fashion. Pair with a fitted, tucked-in top. You’ll look and feel absolutely smashing.

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10. Heavy Earrings

You already know where I’m going with this. That’s right. Time and gravity will eventually stretch your earlobes. It’s those older pieces that weigh so much and were not made with your long-term interests in mind!

Luckily, jewelry is now made with much lighter materials these days, so while you may want to set your old pieces aside, you’ll find plenty to replace them with!

What to do: In the DYT Online Store, we have jewelry releases with beautiful options meant just for your Type. We make sure to have a great mix of small and large pieces. So even if you like chunky or substantial earrings, you can rest assured that they’re still light enough for you to wear time and time again without risking your earlobes stretching down!

Extra Tips!

Jeans that fit you well and have a flattering cut will always be a good choice, no matter your age. You can dress up your jeans easily with the right top and accessories. Want more guidance? How to Find Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

Classic styles are always a good idea for mature women. A belted trench coat, button-up shirts, and tunic-length tops will flatter for years to come.

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Embrace your gray hair. It’s a personal choice if you’d like to go gray, and it can be wonderful, just like it was for Susan when she chose to embrace her gray .

If you’re not ready to embrace your gray hair, you can still choose a gorgeous hairstyle without looking like a “little old lady.” Work with your stylist to come up with some great options. Need ideas? See how Marcy avoided old lady hair here.

Want to create a personal style you love-no matter your age?

I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women determine their Type and come alive in their lives and fashion. Just like Jackie Lynn!


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