How big is a passport photo? popular sizes explained completely

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Are you planning to travel abroad and need a passport photo? Or maybe you just want to update your current one? Either way, it’s important to know the most popular sizes of passport photos. Here’s a quick overview of the most popular passport photo sizes: Plus, we’ll answer some common questions like “what should I wear in my passport photo?” and “how long does a passport photo last?” So grab your camera or smartphone and let’s get started!

How big is a passport photo?

Make Photo For Passport come in different sizes depending on the country’s requirements. In most countries, a passport photo is 2 inches by 2 inches (51mm x 51mm). However, some countries like Canada and Germany use slightly larger passport photos measuring approximately 3.5cm by 4.5cm.

In addition to size variations, there may also be differences in other aspects of the photo such as color or background requirements. For example, some countries may require a plain white background while others allow for light-colored backgrounds.

It’s important to note that not all places that take passport photos will be aware of these size variations and specific requirements for each country. Therefore, it’s always best to do your own research beforehand so you can ensure your photo meets the correct specifications.

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Knowing the correct size of a passport photo is crucial when applying for passports or visas abroad. It ensures that your application process goes smoothly without any unnecessary delays or rejections due to incorrect sizing.

What are the most popular sizes of passport photos?

When it comes to passport photos, there are several popular sizes that many countries accept. The most common size is 2 inches by 2 inches (51mm x 51mm). This size is accepted by the United States, Canada, and many other countries around the world.

Another popular size for a passport photo is 35mm x 45mm. This size is commonly used in Europe and Asia but may not be accepted in all countries.

In addition to these standard sizes, some countries have specific requirements for their passport photos. For example, India requires a photo that measures 3.5cm x 4.5cm with a white background.

It’s important to note that while there are popular sizes for passport photos, each country has its own set of guidelines and requirements. Before taking your photo or having one taken professionally, make sure you research the specific requirements for the country where you’ll be applying for your passport.

Understanding the various sizes of passport photos can help ensure that your application process goes smoothly without any issues or delays due to an improperly sized photo.

How can I make my own passport photo?

Making your own passport photo is easier than you might think. You don’t have to go to a professional photographer or a passport agency, as long as you follow the guidelines set by your country’s government. Here are some tips on how to make your own passport photo:

Start by finding a suitable background that is plain and light-colored, preferably white. Then, use a camera with good resolution and proper lighting. Make sure that your face and shoulders are visible in the photo.

Next, ensure that you follow the specific size requirements for your country’s passport photo. Most countries require 2×2 inch photos but there may be slight variations so it’s important to check beforehand.

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Take several shots of yourself until you get one where you look presentable and natural with a neutral expression on your face – no smiling allowed! Remember not to tilt or turn your head either.

Edit the image if necessary using any basic editing software such as Microsoft Paint which can adjust brightness/contrast levels without causing distortion.

Just remember – taking good quality pictures does not necessarily mean they meet all required specifications for passports so always check before submitting them!

What should I wear in my passport photo?

When it comes to taking a passport photo, clothing choice plays an important role in ensuring that the picture meets the necessary requirements. First and foremost, avoid wearing anything too casual such as tank tops or t-shirts with graphics. It’s always better to opt for formal attire like a collared shirt or blouse.

Additionally, try to avoid any accessories that could obstruct your face such as large hats or sunglasses. If you wear glasses on a daily basis, make sure they don’t have any glare and your eyes are visible through them.

Moreover, solid colors work best when it comes to passport photos. Busy patterns can be distracting and may not meet the guidelines for acceptable passport photos.

Consider your skin tone when choosing what to wear for your passport photo. Darker tones typically look better in lighter colored clothing while lighter skin tones often look best in darker shades.

By following these tips and dressing appropriately for your passport photo, you’ll ensure that you have a professional-looking image that meets all of the necessary requirements!

How long does a passport photo last?

Passport photos are one of the most important aspects of passport applications. A common question that people ask is how long does a passport photo last?

The truth is, passport photo validity varies by country and their specific regulations. In general, it’s recommended to renew your passport every 10 years or so. However, some countries may require a new photo with each visa application.

It’s important to check with your specific country’s embassy or consulate for information on their rules and regulations regarding passport photos. They will be able to provide you with all the necessary details about the lifespan of your current picture.

Another factor that can affect the longevity of a passport photo is physical damage or changes in appearance. If there are any significant changes such as weight loss/gain, facial hair growth or surgery; it’s best to get a new photo taken as soon as possible.

Keeping track of when your passport expires and ensuring you have an up-to-date photograph will save you time and hassle when dealing with travel arrangements!


To sum up, passport photos have specific requirements regarding size and appearance. The most popular sizes are 2×2 inches for the United States and 35x45mm for Europe, but other countries may have different dimensions. It’s important to follow these guidelines when taking your own photo or having it done professionally.

Remember to wear appropriate clothing and avoid any distracting accessories or hairstyles. A good quality photo can last up to ten years, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right.

Creating your own passport photo is easier than ever with online tools, but if you’re unsure or don’t have access to a printer, professional services are also available.

Now that you know all about passport photo sizes and requirements, you can confidently prepare for your next international trip without worrying about getting held up at customs due to an incorrect picture!

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