Women with great style know that spending a little extra money on the basic wardrobe essentials means that they will always have access to good quality pieces that stand the test of time. Basics are items that belong in every woman’s closet and can carry them across a variety of settings. The point is to have less, while getting more out of what you own.

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We suggest investing as much as you can afford into neutral denim and slack options, versatile coats, classic white button downs, fitted dresses, structured blazers, classic leather handbags and staple footwear. These pieces will be worn time and time again, thus making them worth the investment.

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While you may need to spend a little more upfront to account for the better quality, you’ll be replacing your basics much less frequently than if you were to buy cheaper, fast-fashion versions. Ultimately, you’ll be shopping less often and saving money you would have spent on repeat purchases.

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