Understanding your body shape is a key piece in successfully achieving a great sense of personal style. When you know which cuts and silhouettes work best for your body, you eliminate a lot of the confusion around what to wear and a filled with items that go unworn.

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One of the best style tips for women is learning how to master balance. If you hold more weight on the bottom, the trick is to offset it by adding more volume to your top (think structured shoulders, jackets with breast pockets). If your bust or shoulders are bigger, than you fool the eye into creating visual balance by increasing the weight on your lower half (ie. A-line skirt, wide leg pants).

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Women who dress with ease know exactly what flatters their body and what to avoid, always enhancing their best assets. If you aren’t sure of your shape, do some research into the most common female body types so you can easily identify which category you fall into.

The most important part about developing your style is choosing clothing you feel great in – and there’s nothing that feels better than wearing clothing that enhances your body.

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