Stay Safe: Wear Guardian Safety Glasses

Guardian Safety Glasses

As we all know, your eyes are the most important part of your body. You need to protect them with proper guardian safety frames if you work in a workplace where there is any danger to your eyes. And there are many kinds of workplace hazards that can harm or damage your eyes like dust, debris, chemicals, and temperature extremes. So it’s very important for every worker to wear safety glasses at their job site to protect themselves from these dangers.

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What Is The Best Type Of Safety Glasses?

The best type of safety glasses are the ones that you’re most comfortable wearing. Choose the right lens tint and frame style for your work environment, as well as a lens size that fits your face shape. Safety glasses come in three main types: polycarbonate lenses (plastic), polycarbonate with anti-fog coating and high impact resistance; polycarbonate with an anti-scratch coating (usually used by mechanics); glass lenses (for welding).

The lens tint you choose depends on the amount of light you need to see through them. It’s usually either “clear” or some shade of brown/gray/amber depending on how much reflection you want to block out from ambient light sources like fluorescent lighting or sunlight hitting water droplets at an angle on windshields.

Who Needs To Wear Guardian Safety Glasses At Work?

If you work in a hazardous environment, then it is important for you to wear Guardian glasses at work.

  • If you’re an employee who works in the construction, manufacturing, or mining industries and is required to perform close-up tasks such as cutting metal sheets or welding.
  • If your job requires handling chemicals on a daily basis and there is a possibility of splashing chemicals into your eyes when performing these tasks.
  • If your job involves using power tools such as drills or sanders which can send dust particles flying into your face at high speeds when operating them improperly without wearing any protective eyewear like glasses or goggles over them (this is especially true if they aren’t fitted with secondary guards).

In addition to these situations above where all employees should wear Guardian safety glasses at work no matter what industry they’re working in because they could easily get injured without proper protection from flying debris/chemicals etc., there are also some cases where only certain types of workers will need this type of eye protection more than others due solely based on their professions:

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What Are The Best Workplace Eye Safety Rules?

  • Wear glasses every day.
  • Don’t wear contacts at work.
  • Don’t look at the sun, especially when it is low in the sky (like just after sunset or before sunrise).
  • Don’t wear sunglasses inside. Guardian safety glasses can block out some of the light from your monitor. Making it harder to see what’s on it clearly and reducing the contrast between colors onscreen. Both of which can cause eye strain and fatigue over time. Instead, use artificial lighting that’s bright enough for comfortable viewing. If necessary, ask your employer about getting an adjustable desk lamp. Or another type of supplemental illumination for hard-to-see areas like corners. Or edges of monitors/screens where glare tends to collect due to their position relative to natural light sources like windows behind them.

Your Eyesight Is Important, So You Need To Protect It With Guardian Safety Glasses.

Your eyesight is important, so you need to protect it with Guardian safety glasses.

How to Choose the Right Safety Glasses:

  • Choose a lens that meets ANSI Z87.1-1989 standards and offers 99% UV protection.
  • Pick a frame that fits comfortably over your prescription glasses if needed. Or select from our wide range of non-prescription options.

What Is The Best Type Of Lens For Your Needs?

It depends on what type of work environment you’re in. And what kind of tasks do you perform while wearing safety prescription glasses on a regular basis (i.e., whether or not there are sparks flying around)? Some common types include clear lenses for indoor use; yellow-tinted lenses for outdoor use; anti-fog coatings for humid climates; photochromic lenses which darken automatically. When you are exposed to bright light (perfect at night), you should choose high-impact resistance options made out of polycarbonate plastic instead of glass ones. Because they won’t shatter easily even if hit hard enough by another object such as another person’s elbow. While reaching across them during an argument over who gets control over TV remote control buttons during commercials break time between football games. When everyone else wants something else besides watching commercials!

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We hope that this article has helped you understand the importance of eye protection at work. We also recommend taking a look at our selection of Guardian safety glasses. Which are available in a range of styles for both men and women. They have been designed with your comfort in mind so that you can wear them all day long without any discomfort!

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