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Nationals of Kuwait can obtain a visa for Turkey quickly and easily thanks to the Turkish electronic visa (e-Visa) system.

The Turkey e-Visa for Kuwaiti citizens is available TURKEY VISA FROM Kuwait online. By completing a short application form via the internet, travelers can avoid having to go all the way to an embassy or consulate to process paperwork.

The Turkish government introduced the e-Visa for Turkey in 2013 to facilitate international tourism and business visits. It is available to travelers of over 100 nationalities, including Kuwaitis. The e-Visa replaces the previous “sticker visa”. Now it is easier than ever for nationals of Kuwait to get a visa for Turkey.

Do Kuwaiti Passport Holders Need a Turkey e-Visa?

Yes, citizens of Kuwait must have a valid e-Visa to  travel to Turkey for tourism or trade. The Turkey visa policy details the advantages and requirements the e-Visa offers to Kuwaitis.

The e-Visa for Turkey is valid for 6 months and grants Kuwaiti travelers multiple entries, with an allowed stay of  90 days maximum during each visit. The e-Visa grants them entry by air, land, or sea,

The application process to obtain is a straightforward questionnaire that can be completed online. Kuwaiti travelers do not need to schedule a visit at an embassy or consulate.

Kuwaitis interested in traveling to Turkey for reasons other than business or tourism such as higher studies, full-time employment, and need to stay in the country for over a month should organize a visit to the Turkish embassy in Kuwait City for further details.

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Do children from Kuwait also need the Turkey e-Visa?

Yes, The Turkish government also requires Kuwaiti minors to travel with their own e-Visa.

Their parents or legal guardians can fill in their application on their behalf using the same email address and payment methods.

Requirements to Obtain the Turkey eVisa for Kuwaitis

The Turkey e-Visa for Kuwaitis must be obtained online for short trips as a tourist or business person. Travelers must simply meet a few basic requirements to apply for the online visa.

The visa requirements for Kuwaitis include having the following items:

  • Passport with a validity of 60 days or more after the trip
  • Credit or debit card
  • Email address
  • Travel tickets to Turkey

Kuwaitis must ensure they have a passport that will be valid for at least 60 days beyond their stay in Turkey. It is necessary to renew your passport before applying if it is due to expire sooner than this.

An email address is needed to receive the Turkey e-Visa. All correspondence will be made to the account registered in the application.

Part of the application process includes paying a small processing fee for the Turkey visa for Kuwaiti nationals. The transaction can be made using a credit or debit card and is done via secure servers.

How can I Obtain the Turkey e-Visa from Kuwait?

It is quick and simple to get a TURKEY VISA FROM PALESTINE. Travelers must complete a short application form online, entering the required information into the relevant fields.

This includes the traveler’s basic personal and contact details, such as the following:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Email address
  • Phone number

They will also have to provide some of their passport details:

  • Passport number
  • Passport issue and expiry  date
  • Nationality

Lastly, they will also have to share details about their travel plans:

  • Dates of travel
  • Tickets
  • Proof of accommodation

Kuwaiti applicants should carefully review their answers for any mistakes or typos before submitting their form, as it cannot be edited once delivered. Any errors can hold up the evaluation process or even lead to a denial of their application.

How will Kuwaiti Applicants Receive their Turkey e-Visa?

Applicants from Kuwait will receive their Turkey e-Visa by email. It will be delivered to the account provided in their online form.

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It usually takes less than 24 hours to process, evaluate, and approve a Turkey e-Visa application for citizens of Kuwait.

It is advisable to apply at least 3 business days before the planned trip to account for busy periods or delays.

Once received, Kuwaiti travelers are advised to print out a copy to carry with them on their arrival to Turkey.

Travelers from Kuwait should note the visa on arrival is not available to them. They should have previously obtained a valid travel permit before they reach Turkey. The e-Visa is the most convenient and preferred option for Kuwaitis.

Turkey Visa Application for Kuwaiti nationals- What do you need to know?

Kuwaiti nationals do not need to visit the Turkish embassy to apply for a tourist visa any longer, thanks to the implementation of an online application system. Tourists from Kuwait can swiftly apply for an eVisa by completing the Turkey visa application, supplying the necessary paperwork, and paying the visa fee.

Prior to now, Kuwaiti nationals could get a visa upon arrival. However, as of October 28, 2018, this facility was no longer available. All visitors from Kuwait must now obtain an eVisa before entering the nation.

Additionally, the conventional sticker visa method is no longer used. Anyone intending to cross the Turkish border for transient tourism or commercial purposes must submit an online application.

All citizens, including those with regular, special, and service passports, must obtain a Turkey visa in order to enter Turkey. The border control agents will not let you admission if you do not have a Turkey eVisa and the necessary supporting documentation. Holders of diplomatic passports are exempt from the visa requirement for stays under 90 days.


Turkey eVisa is a special kind of Official Turkey visa that allows people to travel to Turkey. It can be acquired online through a digital platform and then further processes done in Ankara, Turkey’s capital city. The Turkey eVisa allows the applicant to enter Turkish Land from any country they travel from. Learn more at Turkey Tourist Visa.

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