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Are you a petite lady and searching for useful and practical styling tips for short-height women? then read this article thoroughly. Here, I have explained each and every aspect that will give you an illusion to look taller.  Also, you will get an idea about which kind of outfits, jewelry, and footwear you should opt for.

Let me tell you I am a 5’1″ petite fashion blogger and feel height doesn’t matter if you style your outfits correctly. It took me a long period of the experiment to figure out the effective styling tips for short-height women. Today, I am going to tell you all those secrets that will help you to look elegant, stylish, and elongate.

Firstly, women’s outfits should be well fitted which gives you a neat and taller look. Also, the accurate proportion and postures definitely affect your look. So, improve your proportions if you want to look better. Now, the question comes to mind is, How to get the proportionate look? Ladies! Leave your concerns at the door! Because these styling tips will modify your personality and build up your confidence like a pro.

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Tip no. 1 – Wear well-fitted outfits for short height women

There is no magic solution to becoming taller, but there are a few fashion tricks that petite girls can do to give the impression of being taller. A well-fitted outfit is the first tip for all short-height women. Not only it gives you a nice fitting but also makes your body proportion tall. Trust me, this little change in your dressing style makes a big difference.

Here, you have to avoid wearing loose-fitted clothing like shirts, kaftans, and loose tunics. It will show your look clumsy. Instead of this, wear fitted clothes that show an edgy and elongated look.

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Tip no. 2 – Avoid layered outfits if you’re short height women

Nowadays, there is a trend to wear layered Kurtis, salwar suits, shirts, and skirts. But this is not for the petite women. Layered outfits chop off the body frame and divide it into many segments, that look shorter. As far as frigid weather concerns, you can pile up the short jackets over pullovers and fitted trousers. Moreover, you’ll look warm and stylish too in such layering.

For ethnic wear avoid wearing a long jacket style lehenga or salwar suits. Also, the multiple layered skirts pattern looks bulky on short-height women.


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