What is an IEE Certification in 2023?


Certification In the UK We’re blessed that we have laws and regulations to ensure safety in the workplace. The safety of electrical installations should be a top priority for all building and business owners. One way to ensure this is to get IEE certification. This proves that electrical installations were evaluated and have been found to be safe for use.

Find out more details about IEE accreditation and it’s role in ensuring safety of electrical equipment at work.

What exactly is IEE certification?

There are a variety of electric standards as well as approved codes of conduct related to electrical safety throughout the UK. IEE certification is a reference to BS 7671. They are the standards of electrical installation. IEE certification IEE is a component of the EICR report.

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IEE certifications are awarded following the successful completion of tests and electrical installations. This is required by both businesses and other organizations as well as landlords. 

If electrical equipment or circuits are overloading, you should contact the manufacturer.

If you are at a possibility of electric shocks, fires, or electrical fires

There are problems or defects in the electrical installation

There may be bonding or earthing issues

IEE certification is an addition PAT testing which checks devices for safety in electrical use. Testing for PAT is suggested every three to 24 months, based on the kind of product being tested and the frequency of testing.

What are your responsibilities in keeping electrical safety at the work environment?

There are many laws that govern electrical power and workplaces. Electrical equipment at work must be safe in accordance with The 1989 The Electricity at Work Regulations that are an expansion of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The regulations stipulate that electrical equipment must be maintained in order to avoid risk due to malfunctions or problems. The regulations were put implemented to prevent deaths or injuries, and also to safeguard workplaces as well. These regulations are applicable to both employers and employees who work for themselves. The regulations are also a requirement for employees to adhere to guidelines for electrical safety in the workplace.

Regular planned testing will help ensure you that your IEE electric installation certification is current and up to current and in compliance with the government’s regulations.

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What is the frequency of testing?

It is important to note that the frequency and duration of IEE testing is dependent on the various elements.

Tenanted properties must be checked every 5 years or upon an eviction.

Commercial properties must be inspected every five years.

Industrial properties must be tested at least every three years.

What is the cost of IEE certificates cost? IEE Certificate cost?

A IEE certificate can vary in cost based how big your home is. It is possible to book inspections at any time or incorporate them in a planned maintenance program which will conduct other inspections of maintenance in accordance with your company’s requirements.

Safety tips for electrical equipment at work

More than 56,000 workplace accidents are classified as electrically-related. In addition 10% of fatal accidents are related to electricity.

In order to obtain your IEE and performing regular electrical checks is vital to meet your health and safety requirements. There are other actions you can take to keep electrical safety in the workplace, such as:

Ensure that appropriate risk assessments are conducted including electrical hazards being noted with preventive measures in the place.

Conduct training and awareness seminars to employees about the dangers of electrical electricity and safety. Certain employees might require specific electrical hazards training to fulfill their jobs if they deal directly with electrical equipment.

Avoid over-loading electrical sources, by ensuring that there are enough outlets at work.

Increase awareness of electrical hazards around the workplace, with a focus on the need to conduct checks and how to stay clear of dangers such as spills of liquid or fall hazards.

If the equipment fails or appears damaged, cease using it immediately and take it to maintenance to inspect it.

It is important to encourage employees to switch off electrical devices after leaving work, if they are required to do so.

The simple electrical safety guidelines can make a huge difference for your company by helping keep your visitors and employees secure.

Get your EICR service using phs compliance

No matter if you’re a small company or a huge company, the guidelines for ensuring the safety of electrical equipment on the job are similar. 

At Phs Compliance You can have confidence that all inspection and testing tasks are performed by skilled professionals? Our C&G 2391 certified electrical engineers provide services across the country, to clients across a broad spectrum of industries. We suggest annual EICR regular checks to ensure your company or organization maintain its high standards.

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